Stoda International’s primary goal is to bring together major manufacturers of quality products with  prospective overseas purchas ers.



Our vision is to be one of the world’s largest distributors of quality equipment and supplies. The variety and quality of our equipment and supplies currently makes us number one to our custo mers. We are committed to meeting  our customers’ needs; hence our determi nation to provide you with the best products at competitive prices.


Stoda international is a United States Import Export Management Company. It was established in 1991, for the purpose of bringing together major manufacturers of quality products with prospective overseas purchasers.


As representative of major manufactures in the world, we are able to provide our overseas buyers with a variety of quality products from around the world. Thus, we offer our customers the most cost effective and expedient medium for them to reach leading products at one source. Through Stoda International foreign buyers have the opportunity to buy directly from some of the world’s major manufacturers. Hence, we have been successful in markets overseas. 


We deal with customers and representatives worldwide, and represent manufactures from around the world. Stoda primarily distributes medical equipment and supply, medical disposals, surgical instruments, oil and gas equipment and chemicals and also hotel and spa amenities. We started as an import company, due to overseas demand for American goods and supplies, our export department was established.


To further satisfy our customers, we help them find any product they may need to import or export, even when outside our area of specialty. This helps them save time and provide great convenience. Our approach to our customers is “just let us know what your needs are and leave the rest to us.” 


Stoda International strives to offer a broad range of innovative, high quality, competitive priced products for import/export. We offer products for use in government establishments, educational institutions, businesses, industries and homes.


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