09/15/2004 - New business offers in Nigeria on oil and gas supply and equipment

Recently, we have received business inquires from our customers in Nigeria, agents for the oil and gas industry for the following products: 


  1. Drilling tools and spares

  2. Actuators for valves

  3. Blowers, burners and parts

  4. Boilers

  5. Chokes valve for flow lines

  6. Chromatographs, Liquid/Gas

  7. Compressors and parts

  8. Convertors, field mounted

  9. Flame arrestors, flares and spare parts

  10. Heater and coolers

  11. Hydraulic emergency shut-off systems

  12. Mechanical seals

  13. Meters

  14. Navigation equipment

  15. Oil coolers

  16. Pumps, centrifugal

  17. Silencers

  18. Transducers

  19. Transmitters

  20. Turbans, Gas and parts

  21. Winches, hand operated

(Please note: this is only a temporary list as new inquires continuously arise)


For the further information please contact our import/export department at andrej@stoda.com


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